Do ordinary folk products in the world, our products are not available, non boutique. The product series is an excellent product in the industry. We have been behind the scenes to create a complimentary industry for all the photographers. It is time, you come to join us, let us make the exquisite workmanship for you to give...

Ao Da photography company launched the "TUAMIGA" (Chinese Name: Tuia Mega) Nikon autofocus adapter ring Canon lens SONY micro single camera is the most advanced general algorithm to perfect our adapter is compatible with most of the Nikon G camera, Canon EF lens, and the focusing speed and accuracy have been...

With the automatic extension ri... (2018-03-08)

How about Canon or Nikon?... (2018-03-08)

A single camera with a single l... (2018-03-08)

Universal transfer ring - SONY ... (2018-03-08)

New product (automatic close lo... (2018-03-08)

The use of a switch ring with a... (2018-03-08)

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